• About the 476th vFG

    In early 2012 a group of friends flying DCS A-10C decided to form their own organization, the 476th vFighter Group.

    Our founders (Eddie, Gopher, Joyride, Rat, Snoopy, Stuka & Wolfman) have over 4300* combined multiplayer A-10C flight hours and hail from across the world. Our goal is to have a vFighter Group that, to the best of our ability and within the limitations of Eagle Dynamics products, conduct realistic missions using real tactics and procedures. Many of the founders are currently serving or have served in various branches of the military.

    The 476th vFighter Group currently flies DCS: A-10C, DCS: F-5E, and DCS: Mig-21Bis by Leatherneck in a limited capacity. We hope to eventually adopt other airframes but they will have to meet our standards on what the term "DCS" stands for.

    The 476th Fighter Group, 23rd Fighter Group, and 81st Fighter Squadron

    Located at Moody AFB, Georgia the 476th Fighter Group** is a Total Force Integration (TFI) USAF Reserve unit geographically separated from but assigned to the 442nd Fighter Wing**.

    While Working hand in hand with Air Combat Commands, the 23rd Fighter Group** 'Flying Tigers,' specifically the 74th and 75th Aircraft Maintenance Units and 76th Fighter Squadron.

    The purpose of Total Force Integration (TFI) units are to generate efficiency and cost savings by sharing resources, reducing duplication of efforts and, in some cases, reducing the number of people needed to accomplish a task. TFI provides contingency surge capability. Basically it means we work with, train with, deploy with, and use the same equipment that the host unit uses.

    The 476th FG consists of the 76th Fighter Squadron 'Vanguards' and the unit Snoopy is assigned to, the 476th Maintenance Squadron 'Vanguard Maintainers'. Although not directly part of the 23rd Fighter Group they proudly support and strive to continue the heritage of the Flying Tigers.

    Because of this real world connection, it was decided that the new vFighter Group would pay homage to not only the 476th FG and the 23rd FG but also the 81st FS. Many of our founding members are European, to show support for these members the 81st ‘Panthers’ were named in honor of the inactivated 81st Fighter Squadron** out of Spangdahlem, Germany.

    The 476 vFighter Group consists of:
    • 74th vTraining Squadron 'Flying Tigers' uses the colors from the 74th Fighter Squadron
    • 76th vFighter Squadron 'Vanguards' uses the same basic shield as the 76th Fighter Squadron
    • 81st vFighter Squadron 'Panthers' uses the colors and panther theme of the 81st Fighter Squadron
    • 65th vAggressor Squadron uses the same basic shield as the 65th Agressor Squadron.
    • 476 vFighter Group uses the same shield as the 476th Fighter Group

    Accepted applicants (trainees) will be required to successfully graduate Fixed Wing Initial Qualification Training and Mission Qualification Training on their airframe of choosing prior to being awarded full membership to the 476th. But not to worry, the Instructor Pilots within the 476th vFG will provide scheduled and organized training sorties so trainees know exactly what to expect and can accomplish the requirements with little to no trouble.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit our piece of the virtual world, we look forward to seeing you in the virtual sky!

    * As of 14 August 2013

    **To learn more about the real world squadron's click here.

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