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    The 476th vFG has both required and optional training. All accepted applicants, trainees, receive an initial Training Pilot (TP) rating. Each trainee is required to complete both Initial Qualification Training (IQT) and Mission Qualification Training (MQT) with a Q or Q- rating prior to being granted full membership access. For a detailed breakdown of the 476th vFG's Pilot's Training Program see below.

    The 476th vFG is currently using a classless structure for both IQT and MQT courses. This allows trainees to move at their own learning pace, although all trainees are given a maximum of 4 months to complete IQT/MQT (1.5 months for IQT and 2.5 months for MQT). When accepted, trainees will be given an orientation and provided access to training materials. Trainees are expected to read the materials on their own, meet with and ask questions of training pilots for any needed clarity, and practice as much as possible before scheduling a checkride with an Instructor Pilot. Additionally, it is anticipated that trainees will spend lots of time in Teamspeak speaking with trainers to gain an understanding of the concepts they’ve read about, in addition to flying with trainers and other members.

    Specific requirements and evaluation checklists are available in 476th vFG OI 476-02, 476th vFG Aircrew Training.

    476th vFighter Group
    Pilot Training Program

    74th Training Squadron

    Required training within the 476th vFG is broken down into two sections:

    A-10C Initial Qualification Training (IQT)
    Provides training pilots the basic training necessary to initially qualify for flying duties without regard to any specific unit's mission. IQT is 4 weeks long consisting of weekly training sessions/sorties. Upon graduation of IQT pilots move onto the next phase of pilot training, A-10C MQT.

    Airframe Specific Mission Qualification Training (MQT)

    Provides pilots the basic training necessary to qualify for flying duties that directly support a unit’s mission. MQT is 9 weeks long consisting of 9 weekly training sessions/sorties. Upon graduation of MQT pilots are awarded a Basic Mission Capable (BMC) pilot rating and reassigned to the respective airframe combat unit.

    A-10C IQT

    A-10C IQT 1

    1.1. Cockpit Familiarization
    1.2. Aviation Charts; Airport Diagram
    1.3. Embedded GPS/INS (EGI)
    1.4. Formation Flying
    1.5. Rejoin
    1.6. loss of Visual Contact/Lost Wingman
    1.7. Basic Flight Manoevres
    A-10C IQT 2

    2.1. Navigation
    2.2. Standard Instrument Departure (SID)
    2.3. Descent
    A-10C IQT 3

    3.1. Tactical Awareness Display (TAD)
    3.2. Formation Flying
    3.3. Overhead Break
    A-10C IQT 4

    4.1. Night Operations
    4.2. Special Considerations
    4.3. Taxi Procedures
    4.4. Takeoff Procedures
    4.5. Formation
    4.6. Approach/Landing Procedures
    Graduate Fixed Wing IQT
    Command Staff discretion to roll back to next training class or removal from the group.

    A-10C MQT

    MQT 1

    1.1. Basic Combat Principles
    1.2. Mission Preparation
    1.3. Fuel Management
    1.4. Surface Attack Contracts
    MQT 2

    2.1. Sensor Point of Interest (SPI)
    2.2. Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL) Messaging.
    2.3. Range Operations
    MQT 3

    3.1. Integrated Flight and Fire Control Computer (IFFCC) Altitude Alert Setting
    3.2. Embedded GPS/INS (EGI) Navigation System
    3.3. Two-Ship Combat Formations
    MQT 4

    4.1. Unguided Munitions
    4.2. DCS Attack Planning System (DAPS)
    4.3. In-Flight checks
    4.4. Delivery Methods
    4.5. Safe Escape Manoeuvres (SEM)
    MQT 5

    5.1. GAU-8/A Avenger
    5.2. 2.75 inch Rockets
    5.3. Delivery Methods
    MQT 6

    6.1. Inertially Aided Munitions (IAM)
    6.2. AGM-65 Maverick
    6.3. LUU-2B/B Illumination Flares
    MQT 7

    7.1. Paveway Laser Guided Bomb (LGB)
    MQT 8

    8.1. Basic Fighter Manoeuvres (BFM)
    8.2. Offensive Air-to-Air Manoeuvring
    8.3. Air Combat Manoeuvring (ACM)
    8.4. Basic ACM procedures
    8.5. ACM Contracts
    8.6. Air-to-Air Employment (AIM-9M Sidewinder & GAU-8/A)
    MQT 9

    9.1. Air-to-Air Refueling
    9.2. Countermeasures
    9.3. SAM Evasion Tactics
    Graduate A-10C MQT
    Command Staff discretion to roll back to next training class or removal from the group.
    Training Class Graduation
    Assigned to the
    76th vFighter Squadron, ‘Vanguards’ or 81st vFighter Squadron 'Panthers'

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