• Training Program

    The 476th vFighter Group has both required and optional training. All accepted applicants, students, will become a member of the 74th vTraining Squadron at first. Each student is required to complete both Initial Qualification Training (IQT) and Mission Qualification Training (MQT) with a 2 or 3 rating to become a Combat Mission Ready rated pilot. Once CMR is achieved, optional training is available.

    The 476 vFG Training Program is currently using a classless structure for both IQT and MQT tracks. This allows students to move at their own learning pace, although all students are given a maximum of 3 months for IQT and up to 12 months to complete MQT. When accepted, students will be given an orientation and provided access to our training materials. Students are expected to read the materials on their own, meet with and ask questions for any needed clarity, and practice as much as possible before scheduling the IQT check flight with an instructor. Additionally, it is anticipated that students will spend lots of time in Discord and on our Forum speaking with other members to gain an understanding of the concepts they’ve read about, in addition to flying with instructors and fellow students.

    Specific requirements and evaluation checklists are available in 476 vFG OI 476-02 Aircrew Training.

    476th vFighter Group
    Training Program

    Required training within the 476 vFG is broken down into two tracks:

    Initial Qualification Training (IQT)
    Provides students the basic training necessary to initially qualify for flying duties without regard to any specific squadron's mission. Training pilots in IQT have a maximum of 3 months to complete the track. Upon graduation of IQT pilots receive a Line Pilot (LP) and Basic Mission Capable (BMC) rating and will be reassigned to the respective airframe Combat Coded Squadron to continue the next phase of pilot training, airframe specific MQT.

    Airframe Specific Mission Qualification Training (MQT)
    Provides students the basic training necessary to qualify for flying duties that directly support a squadron’s mission. Line Pilots have a maximum of 12 months from entry into the 476 vFG Training Program to complete the MQT track. Upon graduation of MQT pilots are awarded a Senior Pilot (SP) and a Combat Mission Ready (CMR) ratings and reassigned to the respective airframe combat unit.



    1.1. Radio Procedures and Nellis AFB Local Area Orientation
    1.2. 2-Ship Day Visual Flight Rules (VFR)
    1.3. Instrument Procedures and Navigation
    1.4. Night / NVG Operations
    Graduate IQT
    Command Staff discretion to roll back to next training class or removal from the group.



    1.1. Mutual support, tactical formations & turns
    1.2. 2-Ship tactical formations & maneuvering
    1.3. Air-to-Air refueling
    1.4. Air-to-Air combat
    1.5. Forward-firing munition employment
    1.6. Free fall munitions
    1.7. AGM-65 Maverick missile
    1.8. Sensors
    1.9. Guided munitions
    1.10. Air-to-Air dissimilar airframe
    1.11. Countermeasures, threat avoidance and evasion
    Graduate MQT
    Command Staff discretion to remove from the group.
    Training Completion

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