After passing the overall IQT track, trainees move on to airframe specific MQT. Successful completion of MQT is required to sign up for any Combat Missions/ATOs. MQT provides pilots the basic training necessary to qualify in flying duties that directly support a unit’s mission. Pilots maintain IQT Graduate status until MQT is completed.

    Upon completion of A-10C MQT, the pilot attains a Basic Mission Capable (BMC) rating, and will be assigned to one of our Virtual Fighter Squadrons. The pilot may now begin participating in combat missions.

    Once a recruit is IQT/MQT certified, he implicitly begins working towards Combat Mission Ready (CMR) rating, which is awarded by Command Staff members when a pilot, through normal combat mission participation, demonstrates he can “put together” the concepts and skills learned throughout the IQT/MQT program.

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