• About the 476th Podcast

    The 476th Podcast is meant for the entire DCS Community, and really anyone who enjoys combat flight sims. It is currently an audio only broadcast that discusses a wide range of combat flight sim topics. While created and hosted by the 476th Virtual Fighter Group, it will feature guests from across the DCS community, including members of other virtual squadrons, 3rd party developers, and perhaps in the future, even members of Eagle Dynamics.

    Guests discuss everything from the particulars of playing DCS Multiplayer, to tactics, techniques, and procedures of various airframes, to mission design, to must-have mods, to in-depth perspectives on 3rd party developments.

    The 476th Podcast was conceived in the same spirit as other public offerings of the 476th vFG: an asset to bring the DCS community closer together. Listen while driving, doing errands around the house, or just idly browsing the web.

    We hope you find it both entertaining and informative.

    There are several ways to listen. Play it in your browser by clicking the play button on an episode link below. You can also right click and download the mp3 for each episode and play it on any capable device.

    Alternatively, subscribe to our Podcast via iTunes or other podcast software with RSS.

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