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Uploaded by Stuka - 03Apr12
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For the mission designers:

I've been digging through field manuals and online resources to find info on "realistic" battalions/groups/platoons/batteries/...
The result is a mission file with more than 30 different battalions, batteries, platoons,....
For the ease of deployment in missions, larger groups are divided in subgroups, so you can deploy a single platoon out of a battalion if you want.
Most groups are just a line-up of all units needed in that group, so exact unit placement is up to you.
Other groups are already placed in a setup like found in the online resources. Same goes for some subgroups. Different variants are available where appropriate.
In infantry platoons, some of them have the soldiers themself in a separate group. Leave out if not needed, duplicate if more are needed.

Obviously, DCS does not have all vehicules available that are needed to make it 1 on 1 realistic.
So, non existing vehicules are replaced by simular units or left out. Used my imagination here.

Also included, is a farp template, what allows you to place a group of vehicles that are outlining a farp structure if zoomed in completly in the editor. Handy to place the farp on a exact spot, or to place units on the farp.
Once done, place the FARP structure itself on the central unit, which is another type for easy recognition.



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