Downloads: Lilkiki’s Light AAA Pack v5.8

Lilkiki’s Light AAA Pack v5.8

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Uploaded by Dojo - 28Feb16
Author Author Lilkiki
File Size File Size 24.81 MB
Downloads Downloads 526
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Version 5.8 updated to work in DSC World 2.5.

Install in:

This mod adds a pack of light AAA units that are Combined Arms playable. They are uploaded here for convenience. Below is a link to the original thread with more details.

Manual installation:

1. Navigate to “..\Saved Games\\Mods\tech” (or create the folder if it doesn't exist)

2. Remove any previous version of this mod by deleting the existing "ZPU-AAA" or variant folder.

3. Place the “ZPU-AAA" folder contained in this zip file into the “tech” folder.

4. Enjoy



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