Hey everyone,

I just applied to join your VFS so i'm on the waitlist. Just thought i'd take a moment and say hello.

I'm 37 and currently work in film and television visual effects. I did some time in the US Air Force when I was younger and have been around planes all my life. My grandfather used to take me flying when I was a kid, and I love to fly. Sadly I don't have my own license, so I get my fix through sims like FSX and DCS. In the old days I loved the Falcon series as well as the various Apache sims. Growing up I was always a fan of jets like the F-16 and F-15, and while I still am, i've over the years gotten an appreciation for the wide variety of aircraft out there. In the Air Force I was stationed at Hurlburt Field working on AC-130s and MH-53s and learned there was more to an air force than just jets.

I'm currently enjoying DCS A-10 and I've fallen in love with the shear versatility and strength of the aircraft. I have a lot still to learn, which I personally think is wonderful, and hope I can do that learning with you all. Most all of my sim time to date has been just getting a solid feel for the fundamentals of the aircraft. Mostly touch and go's and navigation practice.

Anyway, that's me. Looking forward to hopefully flying with you all sometime soon, whenever a slot opens up.