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Thread: Operation Georgian Storm, Day 2

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    Operation Georgian Storm, Day 2

    Last Friday, 476th vFG organized a squad night, based on the second part of the popular Georgian Storm DS mission. 14 pilots assigned for the event though unfortunately a few cancelled just before the start due to last minute comitments in real life. Anyhow the mission was a go and 2-ship flights started to prepare for combat at Vaziani.

    My flight, Lynx 5, was scheduled to enter the mission about an hour after the first flights so we expected that at least AAA and SAM threat will be somewhat reduced while we arrive to the aera of operations. We loaded the jet with Mavericks, JDAMs and CBU-87s and headed towards the check point Zulu. I have to say this was my 10th combat flight with the squadron and the first time leading a 2-ship flight into combat so I had some hard work ahead - oh yeah and not to forget, my first time working with AFAC. When we reached Zulu, we set up an orbit and waited for AFAC instructions, which were soon followed, ordering us to proceed inbound assigned IP and to stand-by for 9-line. AFAC soon gave us targets, 3 BMPs at an airfield near Kutaisi and requested GBU-38s on those targets. We then set our attack and as soon as I wanted to transmitt "In hot", the server crashed... I hope 1.2.3 will bring us more stability.

    I took a little break while the server was set back and rejoined a bit later with my wingman. Unfortunately there was a lot of action on the ground but not enough flights in the air to really help the ground units. But nevermind, we were there to do some damage. As we were approaching Zulu, I contacted AFAC and he immediately gave me a 9-line, ordering to make a single run, using all 4 of our Mavericks on some MBTs. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication within the flight and as I later found out, my wingman thought we were engaging some other targets. What happened was that after I fired the first Maverick, my wingman broke hard left, while I pressed on the attack and fired the second one and after left break tried to located my comrade. Meanwhile the ground battle was raging hard and after Misty fired a WP on the targets, my no.2 spotted them and attacked them with maverick. After launching his first one, I heard Misty's call "Defending" but assumed missile was from SAM or MANPAD. Also there were numerous Missile Warning tones as ground units were also using rockets and I persume A-10s missile warning receiver captured their plumes as well. While my wingman released the second Maverick, I was still far off from ideal fighter wing position and as soon as he started a break, he yelled Defending! I couldn't see any smoke and a second or two later, while he started flying opposite direction to me, I noticed a dot following him. I immideately turned hard left, switched to Air-to-air mode, while turning identified the pursuer as MiG-29 and got on his 6.30 position. I locked him with a Sidewinder and transmitted Fox2! Sidewinder left the rail and intercepted the helpless MiG, sending it down in explosion.

    Empty rail after landing

    Still high on adrenaline, I tried to call Misty but to no avail - after several calls I assumed he was shot down and his defending call was actually result of MiGs missile. My wingman was trailing some vapor and I approached him for assist and damage evaluation. Thankfully both of his engines were ok and there was some damage to the right tail. Also his left tyre was shreded meaning a wheels up landing was in order. Since he lost altitude and speed information as well as navigation, I helped him navigating back to Soganlug for emergency landing.

    This defintely was a mission I won't forget easily as there was so many thing going on at once, it was a real thrill trying to comprehend everything. Being a part of bigger picture was also great feeling and I just hope we're gonna fly such missions more oftenly. Yeah there were mistakes made, but mistakes that we all learned a lesson or two from them. And ending the day with a MiG kill was even sweeter

    Here's a Tacview HUD video of the MiG kill (I cannot open MP tracks for replay and even if I could, I guess they would be corrupted anyway).

    i7-950|GB X58A-UD3R|Corsa 2x 8 GB DDR3-1333|GB 760GTX
    24" Samsung P2470HD|TIR4pro|Trustmaster HOTAS Warthog|Saitek Pro Flight rudder pedals|Logitech Revolution MX

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    Very nice read Inflames , sounds like you guys had lots of fun!

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