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Thread: Strange Behaviour with the DS

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    Strange Behaviour with the DS

    Just tried flying a pairs sortie with Tom. DS was slow to log on to and then I got bounced from the cockpit back to Spectators on at least 3 occasions during start up. When I eventually managed to start up and taxi, there was no functionality to my wingman. That is to say, his aircraft visually remain at start-up location and was not showing on datalink, even though via TARs we could establish he had taxied. He experienced exactly the same as I did with the roles reversed. Subsequent check of TacView showed same behaviour as we experienced in game.

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    Even tho I didnīt have as many probs as Trigger, had some strange things going on as well.
    Unlike other times I could see a fair bit of ground units on the map, both friend and foe, but not a single airplane (AWACS).
    As my RWR stayed blank as well I decided not to push it and returned to homeplate.

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    Sounds like a server error, probably script related. But can't check at work.

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    I managed to get on it.
    Server was hanging and having a HUGE memory leak, making everything slow.

    Restared everything, and enabled phase 2.
    I leave my session active for a moment, so time can proceed towards what we had.

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