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Thread: Changing Chat Window Colors

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    Changing Chat Window Colors

    Does that royal blue in the chat window from other team members drive you nuts because it's so hard to read? Maybe it's my eyeballs but I found a way to change the color; as well as all the colors. Saw a post from back in 2010 on the ED forum and it works. It involves changing two files, one in your DCS folder and one in your saved games folder. Use Notepad++ or some other editor. Caution - make backups of the originals just in case.

    In the DCS folder: scripts/net/main.lua

    You will find some code:
    -- bind config
    server.config = config.server
    client.config = config.client

    Add a line below these as follows:

    -- bind config
    server.config = config.server
    client.config = config.client
    ui = config.ui

    In your saved games folder: DCS/config/network.cfg

    Add the following section (I put it at the bottom):

    ui = {
    local_player_color = 0xE8C500,
    other_player_color = 0xFFFFFF,
    log_msg_color = 0xFF9000,
    side_none_color = 0xFFFFFF,
    side_red_color = 0xFF0000,
    side_blue_color = 0x0000FF,

    The hex values are colors. They are, in order:
    orange brown
    reddish brown
    royal blue

    The side blue color is the problem. I changed it to 2EFF00 to use a bright green color. So the last line for me is:

    side_blue_color = 0x2EFF00,

    After I saved the file I noticed the hex values show up as the decimal equivalent.

    I used the web site:

    to help show colors in hex and decimal.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy.
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    Nice post mate I be sure to check this out.


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