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Thread: Airfield Diagrams, Instrument Approach, and Departure Charts & Guides

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    Airfield Diagrams, Instrument Approach, and Departure Charts & Guides

    476 vFG Flight Info Publications

    Includes airfield charts for Georgian & Russian airfields in the Black Sea Theatre and approach and departure charts for selected airfields.


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    Airfield & Instrument Chart Tutorials & Guides

    476th vFG Tutorials

    3rd Party Tutorials

    Approach Plate Profile View

    Approach Plate Minimums

    Flying a DME Arc

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    Do be careful when watching the tutorial regarding approach minimums; the instructor incorrectly references "Decision Height" (DH) when he should be saying "Decision Altitude" (DA).

    DA is an altitude read from the barometric altimeter and is an MSL value. DH is a height read from the radio/radar altimeter and is an AGL value. Very different.

    Also, with that knowledge, dont confuse DA which is used for precision approaches (ILS), with MDA which is used for non-precision approaches (LOC/TACAN/VOR/LDA/SDF/NDB). Since DA is a decision point, you may/can/will briefly descend below DA on a precision approach should you decide to go missed...this is fine. However, you shall not ever descend below MDA on a non-precision approach...always begin a level-off prior to reaching MDA.

    There are a few other niggles in his description of the minima table, and of the FAF symbology in the profile view, but it's close enough for our purposes.

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    Yeah, though as much. If anyone finds a "better" tutorial video let me know and I'll update. Not a massive fan of these to be honest, but haven't found anything better yet.

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    Perhaps this is TLDR, but it's a good reference to have handy.

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    If you guys would like a much simpler, easier done and formatted tutorial on how to read plates, I ll be happy to provide them for you. Airline Transport Pilot Multi Engine, Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor, and Multi Engine instructor. I also have two type ratings. As its been mentioned before, the references to DH and MDA are two completely seperate things, and the guy in the video jacked them up.

    I ll look into what I can do to make this easier. I d recommend looking at the Digital Procedures Chart guide from the FAA in regards to approach chart reading and applicability.

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