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Thread: Where to Send Your Old Video Cards.........

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    ^ Don't worry, Kenta. I was just being provocative.
    I have a preference for NVidia, but both brands make quality products. It only makes me smile to get the old 'vs. discussion' going. It's such nonsense.
    Nobody bites though. Sensible people here.

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    I've used various cards from both manufacturers over the years but I have had an easier time with the Nvidia cards, however a few driver bugs aren't enough to warrant avoiding ATI/AMD in my humble opinion.

    I have always bought which ever card gives me the best price to performance ration for my budget at the time and I don't see that ending anytime soon unless one of em makes a major faux pas...

    I'd personally say nvidia in all but the lowest price point (>100) at present though...
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    I need TrackIr though...

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