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Thread: Star Citizen sale

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    Oh man I'm gonna have to reinstall this now, haven't actually played it since the alpha came out and my performance was too terrible. How are you guys playing this? Full simpit setup? M/K? Or gamepad? I'm still unsure about how to setup my HOTAS and rudder pedals for SC. Many people say you should map roll to rudders and yaw to the stick but I think that'd hurt my brain, and hurt again if I jump back to DCS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverze View Post
    I'm still unsure about how to setup my HOTAS and rudder pedals for SC.
    Hardly anyone ever says, what ever works for you

    I really had a crammed macros and keybinds on G13 when I was playing Star Trek Online, it worked perfectly. Now when I'm thinking back, if i had to do that again, I have a feeling it wouldn't work.

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