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Thread: 5 May 2015; FOB Vetka

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    5 May 2015; FOB Vetka




    SUBJECT: After Action Report

    1. The following is general information regarding the sortie:

    Deployed Location: Guadata AB

    Intelligence Officer: Coolhand

    Duration of Sortie: 1 hour 43 minutes

    Purpose of Sortie: Air support for Yankee 6-1 and FOB Vetka

    Aircraft: A-10C

    Aircrew: Cylon 2-1 - Snoopy, Cylon 2-2 - Reb

    2. The 76 vFS was tasked with providing air support for the resupply convoy (Yankee 6-1) enroute to FOB Vetka. Yankee 6-1 experienced mechanical delays west of Ambrolauri. During the mission briefing the intel officer (Coolhand) recommended minimum use of mavericks because of the potential quick response time that would be required if the convoy came under fire. Based on this information and no air threats Cylon 2-1 decided Cylon 2 would not carry AIM-9, TGP, or ECM pod. Cylon 2 tookoff from Guadata AB as fragged at 0706 local (1150 Combat Mix, 1xAGM-65D, 1xAGM-65H, 14xMK5, 2xMK-82,

    a. Additional air assets were also tasked to work the area. Gator 3 (Reaper/Hiccup; 2xA-10C) and Cuda 4 (Grunt/Coolhand; 2xA-10C) were tasked to work the area west of Yankee 6-1 while Voodoo 1 (Ashy/Rascal; 2xA-10C) was tasked to assist Cylon 2 to the east.

    b. Flight enroute was uneventful. Initial fighter-to-Fighter brief was accomplished at the Contact Point (B302). Cylon 2 would go wedge, shooter, rockets (Ripple 7), once rockets expended switch to GAU-8 for maximum effect and time on target. Cylon 2 transitioned to Wedge and continued flying enroute to the IP, East of Ambrolauri. At 0735 local, Cylon 2-1 looked in the direction of Ambrolauri and saw explosions. At the same time Yankee 6-1 broadcasted they convoy took damage from an IED. Cylon 2 immediately turned towards the IP, arriving on-station at 0737 local. Cylon 2 engaged enemy armor starting at 0738 local making six passes expending 28 rockets and 574 rounds of combat mix destroying four* enemy vehicles. At 0744 local while turning off the target Cylon 2-1 received a missile launch warning. Cylon 2-1 evaded the first missile but the second missile causes extensive damage to the right vertical and rudder as well as the #2 engine. Cylon 2-1 immediately completed emergency procedures (EPs) for the #2 engine fire and accomplished a visual battle damage assessment (BDA). Once EP had been completed Cylon 2-1 turned south to head to Kutaisi for repairs. While evading Cylon 2-2 lost visual on Cylon 2-1, Cylon 2-1 talked Cylon 2-2 to his position and requested a BDA from Cylon 2-2. Cylon 2-2 established that landing gear, flaps, elevators, and ailerons sustained no damage. Cylon 2-1 contacted Voodoo 1 to see how close they were to arriving on station, cleared them in hot then contacted Kutaisi AB declaring an in-flight emergency. Cylon 2-1 landed at Kutaisi at 0758 local, Cylon 2-2 landed t 0800 local. Both aircraft taxied to the northwest ramp to refuel, rearm and for Cylon 2-1 to repair.

    c. Cylon 2 departed Kutaisi AB at 0820, Cylon 2-1 directed Cylon 2-2 to rejoin wedge and headed directly to the IP east of Ambrolauri. Cylon 2 arrived on-station at 0830. Yankee 6-1 had departed Ambrolauri so Cylon 2 pushed to FOB Vetka. At 0831 local approximately 4 miles from FOB Vetka Cylon 2 received a broadcast stating the FOB was taking artillery fire from the west. Army personnel at the FOB identified the artillery with white smoke. Cylon 2-1 attempted to acquire a visual on the target area but had no joy because of their location, Cylon 2-2 saw the smoke and relayed the position to Cylon 2-1. Cylon 2-1 cleared Cylon 2-2 in hot with the GAU-8 with Cylon 2-1 assuming the cover role. Cylon 2-2 moved into position for an attack expending 360 rounds destroying two* vehicles. Cylon 2-1 saw ground fire and directed Cylone 2-2 to “jink” but Cylon 2-2 took damage. Cylon 2-1 tipped in with rockets and GAU-8 expending 12 rockets and 199 rounds destroying nine* vehicles. Cylon 2-1 took slight damage losing his left MFCD. Cylon 2-1 accomplished BDA on his aircraft then reacquired visual on Cylon 2-2, both turned towards Kutaisi AB. Cylon 2-2 landed at 0849 local, had damage to his gear and ran off the runway, Cylon 2-1 landed at 0843 local, taxied to the South Ramp and shut down.

    3. Cylon 2 was on station for approximately 14 minutes expending 40 MK5 rockets and 1233 rounds of CM destroying 17 targets.

    a. Cylon 2-1 expended 26 MK5 and 596 rounds of CM destroying 11 targets.

    b. Cylon 2-1 expended 14 MK5 and 637 rounds of CM destroying six targets

    4. Success Stories:

    a. Using GAU-8, wedge/shooter for most attack runs defending Yankee 6-1 allowed for maximum effect.

    5. Lessons Learned:

    a. Need to coordinate better after an aircraft takes damage to rejoin as quickly as possible (in a safe manor) to reestablish mutual support and accomplish BDA for damaged aircraft.

    b. All pilots need to remember to contact SIM ATC prior to landing at an airfield, flights used runway 08 and 26 at Kutaisi.

    c. Take off times and/or time-on-target needs to be better established to ensure ground troops have the maximum support available. Approximately 5 minutes was lost on the east while Cylon 2 had to abort to Kutaisi AB and Voodoo 1 was on station.


    *Multiple vehicles took direct MK5 or GAU-8 hits, although not modeled in DCS these vehicles would have likely been damaged enough real world to take away any effective combat effectiveness.

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    Very nice post-gave me flashbacks to sitting at an electric typewriter writing up countless after-action and weekly activity reports. *shudder*

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