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Thread: New computer soon

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    Thanks Dojo for the reply.
    Yeah there probably will be some kind of mod and/or adaption needed and yes I think you are right. It won't be perfect out of the box, but then again must f what we do here isn't perfect out of the box :-)

    Despite the fact that I am pursuing a different direction, I must admit that the idea behind Oculus is truly awesome. Should at least on paper and from what I gather from your description give the operator the "feel" of real flying.

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    I've never tried the developer versions of the rift, but after hearing such great things about it I'm just gonna go for it. Hopefully the experience will be fairly mind blowing having not tried VR since I was at a science exhibition about 20 years ago.

    I'd love a new PC and a 4k monitor as well but unfortunately money is an issue so I'm choosing VR and hoping the gamble pays off
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