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Thread: Hello to all! - Application for recruitment

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    Hello to all! - Application for recruitment

    Hello everyone,

    I am the founder of WotG and flight lead. My wingman is away on business and the rest of our roster is awol.

    I have been flying with my wingman in the A10A in LOMAC since the release. Flew the A10A all through Flaming Cliffs, 2, A10C beta purchaser. My wingman and I both purchased the beta pre-release A10C module on the first day it was on sale. I have over 2300 hours flying with him in MP in just the A10C. We have uncountable hours in the A10A prior as well. I own and also fly F15C, F86, P51D, FW190 and UH1. My virtual flight experience is certainly not limited to DCS, I have flown all sorts of simulators over the years for various conflicts and eras. DCS is my current focus however.

    My current Sim rig:

    27" Primary with 2 22" wing displays (in portrait) for a triple head output (equipped with Simulated Touch Input for cockpit mouse control)
    TrackIR 5
    Warthog Hotas
    Custom rudder pedals with hall effect sensors
    Cougar MFD's with LCD backing for active MFD displays
    Logitech G25 Shifter used for aux controls
    Flush mounted keyboard input panel mapped to CDU and UFC for fast data input
    7.1 wireless headset
    Premium Tactical Baseball Cap
    Giorgio Armani Aviator Sunglasses

    I'm looking for a VFS that I fit in with. I'm an advanced pilot and quite aggressive but successful on the battlefield. I believe in the violence of action. I believe in teamwork, support and strategy. I believe formation flying, mid-air refueling and purposely getting SAMS to shoot at you is all just part of the job. I believe the only thing you cant do is the thing you decide you cant do. I believe in my A10 I'm invincible (mostly) and I don't waste any time kicking ass.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


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    Nice intro Seil. Welcome!

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    Welcome Seil,

    You can read up on our recruitment process and requirements here -, and details of the training process are also on the homepage.

    As and when we have an opening for new trainee's, recruitment is opened, and at that time it'll be possible to submit an application via the link above.

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    Welcome, I'm waiting for the recruitment to open as well. Till then, practice practice practice for me!

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