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    NTTR Mission: Public Release

    The 476 NTTR mission reflects the actual Nevada Test and Traning Range (NTTR) and is now available -->HERE<--

    The mission represents the NTTR as existing in real life, modeled to the best as possible in DCS.
    There are 129 individual target complexes, with over 2000 individual desired points of impact (DPI)

    To make the mission also usable on lower spec systems, there are 3 versions of the mission included in the download:
    • 476 NTTR P5.93-All_Ranges.miz : This is the enire NTTR
    • 476 NTTR P5.93-Only 60s.miz : Only contains the 60's (South) ranges
    • 476 NTTR P5.93-Only 70s.miz : Only contains the 70's (North) ranges

    Depending on your plans you can run the one that fits you best.

    Air Weapons Range Objects
    For correct functionality of the mission, you need to have our Air Weapons Range Objects MOD installed.
    You can find this on our site in the downloads.

    Range & Target Intel
    For information about each individual target, the NTTR Ranges and Targets pages are available on our website for those who have an account and are logged on.
    These pages don't only give you information about the ranges, targets and what they represent, but also the exact location in different formats, ROE's, intel pictures, and plenty more.
    This is part of our mission planning and training tools, and are continuous updated with aditional information.

    Navigation points
    All points included in the GE overlay (see below) are available in the editor and as such also in the CDU of the A-10C.

    On FAC locations there are a couple of Humvees that can be used to take a JTAC role and help your buddies out with target spotting/marking/LASING.

    Red: USAF Aggressors, Russia & insurgents
    Blue: Everything else.

    At Nellis, most non-WW2 aircraft are available as client.
    Feel free to adjust for your own needs.

    Tankers and AWACS
    The mission has Tankers and AWACS available. Information is in the briefing of the mission. Adjust as you see fit.

    Some target images to give you an idea.

    Google Earth overlay
    To get to know the NTTR and find your way around , we have the Google Earth plugin to make things more visual
    In this plugin, you'll find the base grid, different airspaces, targets, tanker and HVA orbits, navaids, navigation points,... and lots more.

    To get access to this data, you'll need Google Earth.
    I've build everything into a network based Google Earth plugin. This allows you to point your Google Earth to a central managed file, ensuring you will always have the latest version.

    To get access to the data, all you have to do is to add a network link in Google Earth.
    The URL you need to point it to is:

    After doing so, a new folder with multiple layers will be present in your "My Places".
    The initial layer selection will be always the same when opening the overlay. This initial view shows you the most used data.
    Nothing holds you to select/unselect layers and/or items to make the view like you want it for mission planning or creating mission briefing materials.

    The other cool thing about using Google Earth for this, is the fact that we can add other overlays that are available on the internet.

    What I found to be very to extremely useful are following:
    The URLs are what you enter in the network link.

    Earth Point Topographical Maps:
    MGRS GridLines by
    Sectional Charts:
    World Aeronautical Charts:
    Terminal Area Charts:
    IFR Enroute Low Charts:
    IFR Enroute High Charts:
    IFR Area Charts:
    CONUS SAR Grids:
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