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Thread: Blind as bat, Flight Night, Voodoo1 vs Mig1

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    Blind as bat, Flight Night, Voodoo1 vs Mig1

    Agressor Encounter : Voodoo 1 Vs Mig 1
    Voodoo 11 - Stuka
    Voodoo 12 - Kimi
    Mig1 - Eddie

    Eddie's POV:
    Kimi POV:

    Voodoo 12 After Action Report:

    Euro Flight Night, Feb 12 2016.
    Mission COmmander: Stuka (voodoo11).
    Voodoo 1: -1 Stuka, -2 Kimi.
    Sniper 2: -1 Ironhog, -2 Warpig.
    Maniac 3: -1 Gunny, -2 Oliver.

    Tasking was to fly as 3 separate 2-ships, hold North and practice TOT and do wedge bombs at a target 75.16 at Range 75W.

    Ingress was LATN, Voodoo1 met with Sniper2 getting engaged by Mig1 mid ingress. Sniper 22 was NORDO so it was a short fight.

    Attack went pretty well, egress felt sketchy as I was dragging behind Voodoo11 which made it difficult to restablish mutual support. Possible cause was that 11's base geometry was reversed from the briefed plan.

    After clearing Range 75W we proceeded on LATN heading east towards Coyote C. A few minutes away from our egress, Voodoo1 Calls "NAILS 21 12 o'clock", I started scanning in the general direction of the RWR indication. A couple of seconds later Voodoo12 gets a tally 3 o'clock High of Voodoo formation. Voodoo 11 calls engaged after getting a tally on the mig, Voodoo12 goes into supporting role but after the ENGAGED call by Voodoo11 I lost tally. I should have called "No Joy" and that would have alerted Stuka, who saw the bandit get on my six, to get into a supporting role. He eventually did and advised quickly on how to defeat the threat.
    After my initial tally I never got eyes on the bandit again until Voodoo 11 called "FOX2 Voodoo 11 Mig21". I assumed he was dead 6 o'clock from the RWR indications and couldn't see him even though he was clearly between Me and Voodoo11, who managed to get on the bandits 6 o'clock for the kill.

    Recovery was uneventful.

    Personal notes:

    - Turn Yardstick ON before take off.
    - Work on Racetrack Holding as a Wingman.
    - Train on crosscheck and lookout pattern.

    That mig encounter was really fun. Althoguh the first call was on point, everything after that for me was fighting BLIND AS A BAT. I didn't have Visual nor Tally, and the only thing that could save my ass was stuka's support and directives mid furball. I definetely need to work on scanning sectors and train myself to work the headtracker better inside the furball.
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