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    Post Exercise Desert Tiger 16-01

    Exercise Desert Tiger 16-01 conducted on 26 March 2016, was a Large Force Exercise involving 18 A-10C from the 76th vFS and 81st vFS.

    The goals of the exercise were to increase 476th vFG aircrew experience of large scale pre-planned
    strike/interdiction operations and multi-package/multi-flight coordination.

    The exercise involved a mass launch of all 18 jets in sequence from Nellis via the A-10 VFR North departure, entering the NTTR via the ELCAN (ELGIN-CALIENTE) corridor heading to marshall points in the desert MOA.

    A-10 VFR North Departure

    Panther 1 through 4 would marshall at ALASKA, Vanguards 1 through 3 at MAINE and Vanguards 4 & 5 at VIRGINIA, each flight with 2000 feet of altitude separation in the marshall stack.

    Once each package had marshalled the flights would push in sequence and descend to low level in an effort to avoid detection by hostile early warning RADAR installations. Enroute to targets within Range 75 and 76.

    The 81st vFS were tasked with hitting hostile MERAD and C2 facilities.

    Panther 1
    SA-2 Site
    11S NB 11689 39414
    5228 ft.

    Panther 2
    C2 Bunker
    11S NB 13528 45000
    5568 ft.

    Panther 3
    SA-6 Site
    11S NB 34972 45666
    5278 ft.

    Panther 4
    C2 Site
    11S NB 43162 46668
    5136 ft.

    76th vFS were tasked with attacking enemy mechanised forces massing north of the FLOT.

    Vanguard 1
    Tank Company
    11S NB 48906 37292
    5324 ft.

    Vanguard 2
    Tank Company
    11S NB 50985 47328
    5100 Ft.

    Vanguard 3
    Scud Launch and Support Facility
    11S NB 32188 45772
    5324 ft.

    Vanguard 4
    Logistics Convoy
    11S NB 48262 45648
    5130 ft.

    Vanguard 5
    Fuel Staging Area
    11S NB 38344 40367
    5211 ft.

    Following the attacks each flight would egress to the south and recover to Nellis via the JAYSN recovery into a STRYK recovery to runway 3R.

    JAYSN Recovery

    STRYK Recovery

    Mission, Package, and Panther 1 Flight Briefing
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