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Thread: EU Flight Night - SCAR-C

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    EU Flight Night - SCAR-C

    Date: 01.07.2016

    Location: NTTR, R-4807, 74C

    Scenario: Aircraft operating SCAR-C role with other flights for BAI

    Plan: SCAR-C operating in 74C. Other flights come with no pre-planed targets. Payloads along with the rest of the flight planning up to flight leads. All Flights had a common contact point at which to contact SCAR-C. Restricted to R-4807. No access to R-4808 unless IFE.

    Desired Learning Objectives:
    Familiarization with SCAR-C role and environment
    Exposing the difference between SCAR-C and FAC(A) and where the SCAR-C authority ends compared to FAC(A)
    Sensor management, contracts and brevity
    Radio operation / discipline

    Observations and Lessons Learned:
    Radios were a mess at Nellis AFB (AM was used for flight comms). It got better in the AO with occasional opened freqs.
    Great "step away" exercise from usual pre-planned missions. Great for planning attacks on the "go" while already flying (ingress, egress, fighter-to-fighter, etc).
    We need to pay more attention to the weapon employment situational awareness. Some AGM-65's were fired while other friendly aircraft was in 10 cone of the nose of attacking aircraft.
    Cons and pros of asking SCAR flight for BDA. Pros: Makes life easier for attacking flight, should increase SA when needed. Cons: Possible task saturation for SCAR flight, possibility of radio frequency clutter.
    Despite known threat/s and consecutive successful attacks, we should not let our SA drop or get complacent.
    We all should have up to date REQUIRED mods. All tho it served as good practice for SCAR<>Striker/Inter flight

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