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Thread: OvGME - New Generic Mod Enabler

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    OvGME - New Generic Mod Enabler

    I mentioned this program previously however I think it deserves further attention and its own thread.

    It has been written by sedion over at the ED forums and in my view goes beyond the capabilities of JSGME, and is of course still supported/developed where JSGME is pretty much a dead project.

    His Original Post is linked below

    Potentially the most interesting feature is the possibility to have an online mod repository which everyone could connect to and install their mods from, so no need to download from the website to a directory on your local machine, making it much easier to ensure everyone is running the most up to date version of our mods.

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    Here's his release/changelog post from the ED forums:

    Quote Originally Posted by sedenion View Post
    OvGME is a game mod manager based on the idea and concept of JSGME, it take the GME acronym from JSGME which stands for Generic Mod Enabler. The main purpose of OvGME is to provide an easy way to import and enable mods for games then restore original files when disabling mods. OvGME works by comparing the game file tree with the given mod file tree, then identifies what files to replace, create and save as backup.

    Warning: Before installing a new version, please uninstall the previous one.

    Read the HELP, it is well detailed !

    Stable version:

    OvGME v1.6

    v1.6 Setup for 64 bits version:

    v1.6 Setup for 32 bits version:

    Source code (Github) :

    What new with OvGME compared to JSGME ?

    OvGME shares the same base concept of JSGME: you have a folder in your game installation root directory, you put mods inside, and you manage your mods from this folder. But there is some little new features and big changes.

    Features / Changes (1.6)

    - Fixed bug for already encoded URL being re-encoded with "%" char interpreted.
    - Added support for HTTP chunked transfer.
    - Added some error check for XML parsing.
    - Empty error message on repository check fail fixed.
    - Help updated and corrected.
    - Help now starts with good window size.
    - Added help source files.

    Features / Changes (1.5.9) :

    - Rewritten network code to avoid threading sync bugs.
    - Better network error handling.
    - Reworked Repositories feature.
    - Added Ability to enable or disable repository.
    - Help and Readme updated.

    Features / Changes (1.5.0) :

    - Jumping to version 1.5.
    - New code architecture with headers and sources.
    - Added Mod versioning support.
    - Added network repository feature in alpha stage.

    Features / Changes (1.2.1) :

    - Fixed two ugly memory leaks.
    - New write error check for mod apply and and backup.
    - Write performances slightly improved.
    - Auto text wrap disabled for snapshot output log.
    - New snapshot cheksum method based on xxHash (faster).
    - Source code: most functions renamed for better naming logic.
    - Help corrected.

    Features / Changes (1.2) :

    - Added game snapshot feature (CRC-32 based).
    - Added Mods profile feature.
    - New threaded method for mod apply/restore to avoid "Not Responding" during heavy operations.
    - Overall mod apply/restore algorithm optimized and reinforced (faster, less memory usage).
    - Main menu logic improved (unavailable commands are grayed).
    - Overall memory management optimization.
    - Progress bar logic improved (now work correctly).
    - Cleaned code & several optimizations.
    - Help updated

    Features / Changes (1.1) :

    - Ability to choose a custom backup folder path
    - Ability to choose a custom mods stock folder path
    - New right-click pop-up menu for mod list
    - New mod list view with icons
    - New buttons for enable / disable mod
    - Support for generic description.txt and readme.txt for archive mod description

    Features (1.0) :

    - All configuration through GUI (no more *.ini edit or shortcut creation)
    - Multi-game management
    - Support for zipped mods
    - Support for mod description txt (see help for more details)
    - zip mod creation function (for mod creators, see help for more details)
    - an embedded help
    - open source code
    - setup and uninstall

    The software is considered as finished and safe to use, however, it still subject to correction for debug or new features (if some good idea comes, if you have some suggestion).

    If you like it, share it.

    Here is the not funny part...

    OvGME shares some concepts with JSGME, but be careful !

    How OvGME cohabit with JSGME ?

    Bad ! so to say, the prudent answer is that OvGME does not cohabit at all with JSGME. OvGME uses its own logic, its own configuration files with its own backup format, and don't care about JSGME.

    Do i risk to corrupt the JSGME configuration using OvGME ?

    No, but in fact Yes ! OvGME does not interfere with JSGME configuration and backup structures, and JSGME does not interfere with OvGME, both software act independently HOWEVER: This imply that OvGME ignores what JSGME does, and vice versa. For example, if you enable a mod using OvGME, JSGME will not see it as enabled (and vice versa). This situation can creates many confusion in backup since JSGME can create backup of files modified by OvGME without knowing it (and vice versa) and then finally you can loose the original files.

    The safe rules are:
    - A mod already enabled with JSGME must not be enabled again using OvGME.
    - A mod already enabled with OvGME must not be enabled again using JSGME.
    - A mod enabled with OvGME must be disabled using OvGME.
    - A mod enabled with JSGME must be disabled using JSGME.

    The true safe rule is:

    - Don't use both JSGME and OvGME for the same game.

    How do i switch from JSGME to OvGME and vice versa for a game ?

    If you choose to use OvGME for a game where you already use JSGME:

    - Launch your JSGME instance for this game.

    - In JSGME, Disable ALL mods.
    - You can now quit JSGME.
    - In OvGME, Add a game and specify the proper mod stock folder, the one previously used by JSGME for example.
    - You can now delete the "!BACKUP" and "!INSTLOGS" hidden folders in mods stock folder.
    - You also can now delete the "JSGME.ini" files in game root folder and mods stock folder.

    If you choose to use JSGME for a game where you already use OvGME:

    - Launch OvGME and select the proper game.
    - In OvGME, Disable ALL mods.
    - In OvGME, Remove the game.
    - You can now quit OvGME and install JSGME safely.

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    Mmm, online repository. Now it's starting to get really interesting.

    Providing CAS when you're all out of HUA!

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    Running 1.6 now, really nice tool! Also allows for having the mod inside your repository stored as a .ZIP. AFAIK JSGME didn't allow this, you had to unpack it.

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    Indeed, that's the big stand out feature for me.

    I've been using it for a few weeks now and it's certainly "better" than JSGME as far as features and options. But it's no more complicated than JSGME.

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    I've just had a play with the mod archive creator tool within OvGME and it really is rather nice. Allows for easily adding a description and version number to a mod archive that will be displayed in OvGME.

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    I haven't had a chance to try it yet myself, conceptually seems great.

    If we switch, please keep in mind we'll need solid instructions to get people to migrate. We agreed to make JSGME a requirement for mod management due to the difficulty some folks were having keeping their mods together after updates, especially in light of our growing list of required mods. It wasn't fun getting the folks setup with JSGME who weren't familiar with it and aren't all comfortable with file management.... buuuuuut we got there.

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    Indeed, however I think this is far easier to work with, especially if we can get an online mod repository set up.

    Not having to put a mod folder in the DCS install directory or use a shortcut with a custom start in line for each DCS installation is already a massive plus for ease of use.

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    Using an online repository, what happens when the master file in the repository gets updated/edited? What happens with the 'injected' local files, do they automatically get updated?

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    Don't know the answer to that one, yet. Not sure if there is something in the help within the app.

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