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Thread: Batch Folder Creation and File Moving

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    Batch Folder Creation and File Moving

    Ok then, so, in need of some major geek assistance here.

    I have a load of files currently in a folder and I want to put each into folder of its own within the same directory. Each folder should have the same name as the file it contains (in short I want all my movies moved from the "movies" folder, into "movies\moviename".

    Is there any way I can do this quickly with either a script of some kind, or is there a clever program out there that can do it for me? I'd really like to avoid doing it manually with over 200 files.

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    Powershell script.
    Edit the first line to have your source folder.

    $folder = "c:\temp"
    Get-Childitem $folder | %{
        $newdir = $folder+"\"+$_.BaseName
        New-Item $newdir  -type directory
        Move-Item $_.fullname -Destination $newdir    

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    If you want some more magic:

    Website looks crappy, program is really nice tho. Requires some time to come up with your own requirements for renaming but can do a lot.

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    Yep, that worked, thanks guys.

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