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Thread: UI Layer conflicts causes joystick to "not work"

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    UI Layer conflicts causes joystick to "not work"

    Figured out why my CMS and other buttons weren't working yesterday. The UI Layer conflicts. (The UI Layer was added to support VR devices, but can be used whether you have them or not)

    The UI Layer looks like any other module layer, but it doesn't work the same. With modules (e.g. the A-10 vs the F-5), you can have the same button mapped to two different jets, with no conflicts.

    With the UI Layer, anything you map there will not be available for any other jet, except it's very inconsistent, so sometimes it looks like its working when it isn't. My CMS and other buttons were mapped there as I've been playing with VR more, and that caused the problem. Unfortunately, adding modifiers performs very inconsistently as well, so I'll stop using the UI Layer altogether for now.

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