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Thread: Simple A-10C DSMS Settings question...

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    Simple A-10C DSMS Settings question...

    I've searched this forum and ED forum and can't find the answer to this. It has to be something simple i'm overlooking. On DSMS profiles settings page, for a Mk 82 for example, there is a horizontal and vertical offset setting. The manual says a vertical offset can be set anywhere from -15 to +15. I just want to know how to enter a negative number in the vertical offset setting. It doesn't work the same as hitting a LSK twice to get the negative number and i can't find anything on the UFC or CDU to allow a negative entry into the scratch pad.

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    Good question in itself.

    But do know that it doesn't do anything in DCS anyway.

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    As to why it can't be entered I couldn't comment, other than to say it's likely not correctly modelled or there is a bug. That said, it's not a setting that you as a pilot would be changing anyway, and as Oliver rightly says it's totally non-functional in DCS.

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