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    All the best Emmy, Happy Birthday

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    Emmy (11Feb18)

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    Thanks to Stuka and Oliver for putting up with my recruitment hop today...

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    Emmy (20Feb18)

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    I think I did "ok"

    DCS is very different when you know someone is watching, that's for sure. Didn't perform my best start (didn't stick to a good flow in the cockpit) Got off the ground ok. Didn't lose it entering the clag. I misread the Tanker TACAN channel so had to ask for reconfirmation on that. Discovered that I was damn near right on top of the tanker! Bounced around too much trying to get gas but managed to stuff a few thousand pounds in before RTBing. I think I flew the ILS very well. Tried to stay patient and not rush the process. Let the alignment come to me instead of chasing it. I was mentally prepared to turn outbound and do a procedure turn if it felt like I was getting too close too soon but it all centered up nicely. Got a little slow on final at one point but broke out right on the centerline. A bit too aggressive with aero-braking and scraped the tail a bit. Got whoa-ed up, off into the SE EOR to secure stuff and got it shut down in G2.

    All in all, I'd give myself maybe a 6/10 on the hop. I know I can do better. Just let the nerves get the better of me a bit.

    Big shout out to Snoopy and Recon. I watched both angles of the demo hop they each posted to YouTube. Extremely helpful intel.


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    Nice. No aerobraking in the A-10 though.

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    Holding the stick / yoke back is just force of habit...

    Greased the landing though!

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    Nice work Emmy!

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    Emmy (21Feb18)

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    Thanks Recon!

    I've been wearing out your YouTube channel. Good stuff there!

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    Actually I should thank Recon too, it's been a big help getting me up to speed.

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