Hello all,

I finally broke down after 10 years and finally build my SimPit and am looking for a little help with all my hardware.

Here's what I built: http://vrpits.com If anyone is interested, I'm in Ohio and hooked up with a Wood company that can route it out fairly cheap.

In the past I just used the Thrustmaster MFD's on a old 19" monitor and a custom Monitor .LUA to show and place the in-flight MFD's.

What am I missing to fill out the rest of the gauges on my nice 27" monitor with custom cut gauge holes?

I have tried to use Helios on Version 1.5 and 2.5 with no avail. I even took the time to program the monitor bezil in Helios to the panel, but the guages never ever move in the game, they are just static.

Is there custom settings for the .lua or is Helios just not working correctly?

Thanks in advance for all the help!!!