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    Hello everyone.

    First of all, thank you for letting guys like me be a small part of this community despite recruiting being closed.

    I'm currently 30 years old, a full time student and work part time. I was in the military for 8 years, and now working on new horizons.

    I have have owned DCS since it's conception circa 2008 in the Blackshark. Over time I played on and off, up until 2013 or so. I came back to DCS in 2016 and holy cow! This sim has become what I dreamed of, and it seems all it is doing is growing. Since 2008 I have noticed the flight-sim community at large is a much more mature and welcoming group then any other gaming community I have been around. Unfortunately, DCS tends to be very niche and honestly, none of my usual gaming friends care for it. I am craving a community to fly actuall missions with and not just hop onto a multiplayer server, and see everyone doing their own thing. So.. here I am! I hope to poke around here, and use the plethora of information to possibly be ready one day when recruiting re-opens.

    If anyone out there is waiting for recruiting to open and wants to train: find me on the Discord channel, send me a DM and we can start training on the A-10C or heck, I'll fly anything. I'll host a game and we can start working on procedures and meeting the minimum qualifications they want.

    Again, thanks to the 476 for opening its doors, more communities at large need stuff like this.


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    Welcome Threedfx

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    Welcome, Threedfx.

    CS will probably open recruiting back up in the not-too-distant future, after the current IQT class works their way through MQT. Be sure to read the Recruitment link in the top left area of our Home page. In the meantime, there are also many docs in the public download section to look over. 476TTP3-3.A-10C, in particular, is a principal reference doc we use - and one can spend hours reading & understanding it, alone.

    See you on the forum and Discord.

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