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Thread: OvGME Mods : what is the recommended location for DCS mods?

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    OvGME Mods : what is the recommended location for DCS mods?

    Hello All,

    I have a question/comment regarding the recommended location of where the DCS mods should be installed.

    A bit of background :
    I have been using OVGME to place all my Mods in the Saved Games folder. There are several advantages to locating your Mods here. This relatively new methodology is addressed in this discussion thread about deploying mods to Saved Games directory (instead of the old .../Program Files/DCS World Openbeta/“ dir -

    Yesterday, prior to my orientation flight, LP Frodo was verifying that I had all the correct mods, etc. It came up that had all my mods installed into the “Saved Games”... folder, and Frodo wanted me to move the mod-source-files as well as the mods to the “...Program Files/DCS World Openbeta/_mods”, so I did as he directed me rather than defocus. Frodo is a good man ... and thorough (so please don’t take this question as bashing, Frodo), I’m genuinely interested in understanding what the right thing to do is, and if my method of placing mods in Saved Games is off base.

    I have been using Saved Games location for mods for several months without issue, and feel this is the best practice.
    I believe that placing mods in Saved Games is advantageous/superior because it fixes the issue of having to reapply all your mods after a update or a repair of DCS, plus other advantages such as not breaking your world ID, etc, etc, see the link above for details. I believe that DCS recommends this method now as well.

    I was chatting with Blythee about this topic, and he had a good point that if your Saved Games was not on a SSD (my Saved Games folder is on a rotating media drive) that some large mods might load a bit slower as compared to being on an SSD, which is true, but there are several workarounds for this... such as relocating your Saved Games location to a folder(s) on to an SSD drive and continue. I haven’t noticed any problems with my setup.

    Can the command staff and official gurus shed some light on what the best practice is for where mods should be stored and deployed? Rationale?

    Please advise.

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