This makes me think of another related topic... takeoff rotation speed... calculated based on weight and drag in the MDC.

Does this takeoff rotation speed factor in the "headwind-component" of the prevailing wind conditions?

headwind_component = cosine(wind_angle_off_runway_heading) x wind_speed

If the headwind_component is not factored in to the rotation speed calculation, then we should be subtracting the headwind_component from rotation speed to get the effective-rotation-speed for takeoff?

mdc_rotation_speed - headwind_component = effective_rotation_speed

So for example, if wind conditions are 25 knot wind at 10 deg off runway heading, then headwind_component is 24.6 knots of wind coming towards you on the runway.

Given that your rotation speed was calculated to be 130 knots, then
130 - 24.6 = 105.4 knots (effective-rotation-speed)

105 knots (effective-rotation-speed)