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Thread: You scratch my back ill scratch yours?

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    You scratch my back ill scratch yours?

    Hey everyone!

    Im fairly new to the A-10C although ive been messing around with it on and off for a long while now. Ive dug around and found the documentation from this group, and the A-10A operating handbook to be pretty helpful. I have a real desire to learn how to fly this thing 'the real way'. I understand recruiting is closed at the moment.. would anyone be willing to fly with me and show me how its done? Ive got a good grasp of the basics.. I can start it up, shut it down, take off, land, fly and ILS and use the weapons (maybe not super effectively..)

    Im a CFI/CFII/MEI in the real world and id be happy to share what I know if its of any help to anyone here. Ive got a really good understanding of civilian instrument procedures. I also served 5 years in the Army, and was a infantry team leader in Afghanistan and worked with FOs and got to see the A-10 in action, id be happy to share my perspective!

    Thanks in advance!

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