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Thread: Operation Destructive Justice 15SEP18

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    Operation Destructive Justice 15SEP18


    76 vFIGHTER SQUADRON, 510 vFighter Squadron

    SUBJECT: After Action Report

    1. The following is general information regarding the sortie:

    Deployed Location: Al Dhafra AB

    Package Commander: Snoopy

    Duration of Sortie: 2 hour 25 minutes

    Purpose of Sortie: Destroy live Hawk site located on the southwest side of Sirri Island

    Aircraft: A-10C (1150 HEI, 2xAGM-65D, 2xGBU-12, 2xAIM-9, ALQ-184, AN/AAQ-28)

    Aircrew: Vader 1-1: Snoopy, Vader 1-2: Oliver

    2. On order, 76 vFS and 510 vFS have been tasked with preemptive strikes on targets in/around Tunb Island AB before the SA-11 sites and anti-ship missiles are activated. Additional intel had identified a buildup on Sirri Island as well. Local step time was 0533 (0133Z) with a briefed package check-in time of +20 (0553L), taxi at +25 (0558), and first takeoff (Vader 1) at +40 (0613L). Check-in of all flights occurred late due to mission issues (something within the mission changed Hornet presets). Once this was fixed package check-in was accomplished (0604L) with Vader 1 taxing to 13L Arm soon after.

    a. Additional air assets were also tasked to work in the area. Vader 2 (Connellie/Reb; 2xA-10C), Vader 3 (Ironhog/Stryker; 2xA-10C), Vader 4 (KIMI, Tordillo) were tasked to engage other area targets on Sirri Island while Chewie 1 (Odin/Emmy; 2xA-10C), Chewie 2 (Scaley/Hiccup; 2xA-10C), and Venom 1 (Amy/Trigger/Recon; F/A-19C) were tasked to engage targets on Greater Tunb Island. Venom 1 was also tasked to supply CAP for 76th strikes.

    b. Flight enroute was uneventful. Initial fighter-to-Fighter brief was accomplished during the flight briefing. Vader 1 would go line, shooter-shooter, mavericks to engage the Hawk missile launchers. If the initial attack was successful Vader 1 would reestablish mutual support and engage the radar and command/control equipment. Vader 1 transitioned to line and continued flying enroute to the IP, South of Sirri. At 0642 local, Vader 1-1 directed “in place 90 right” to line-up on the target. Running in at approximately 300 AGL both Vader 1-1 and Vader 1-2 were being tracked by the Hawk radar, although neither Vader 1-1 or Vader 1-2 received a missile launch warning the Hawk battery fired its first missile at us at the same time we were accomplishing our in place 90 turn. A second missile was fired approximately 2 seconds after the first but again neither Vader 1-1 or Vader 1-2 received a missile launch warning. Reviewing Tacview it appears both of these missile may have struck a nearby tree and been destroyed. Two more missiles (a total of 4) were shot, this time we did receive a missile launch warner and Vader 1-1 and Vader 1-2 went defensive and defeated the missiles. Vader 1 directed the flight fly back towards the IP to reestablish mutual support and attempt another attack run. While enroute two more missiles (all 6 now expended) were shot at Vader 1-2 but evaded. At this time we only knew of 4 launches, Vader 1 established mutual support and went back in line to attack the targets. The RWR had gone quiet, to test to see if any more missiles were remaining we climbed up from about 100 AGL to 500 AGL, trees restricted our view so Vader 1-1 climbed above 1,000 AGL and observed all missile launchers had no remaining missiles. Although the threat was gone Vader 1 engaged targets supporting the Hawk batteries to ensure they couldn’t be reloaded prior to Vader 2, 3, and 4 from arriving. Two mavericks launched from each aircraft with a total of three targets destroyed. Not sure if it was Vader 1-1 or Vader 1-2 but we ended up engaging one ground target twice. Vader 1 contacted Vader 2, 3, and 4 to let them know Sirri Island Hawk site had been eliminated and Vader 1 proceeded to the orbit location near Abu Musa Island. While enroute to our orbit we heard Venom 1 was at the tanker refueling, 76th flights had no idea that the CAP was not in the area. I advised all Vader and Chewie flights of the situation; Vader and Chewie flights continued to press their attacks even as we heard Magic advised us of enemy F-5s approximately 40 miles away. This is where things started to “fall apart” so to speak. As Vader 1 orbits Venom flight departs the tanker, before Venom can get into the area an Iranian F-5s engaged and damaged Chewie 2 (Hiccup) and forcing him to abort to Abu Musa, with all the confusion Venom 1-1 fires a missile off and gets a blue on blue kill Damaging Chewie 1-2 (Emmy) forcing him to divert to Abu Musa. Other aircraft were damaged, Vader 1 finally decides to break it’s orbit and proceed to IVALA to return to Al Dhafra. With all the confusion and Venom 1 appearing to not be able to aquire any of the enemy F-5s Vader 1-1 called “3P0” to cancel all strikes and return to base. While enroute Vader 2-2 got a visual on Vader 3-2 which had a large smoke trail coming from one of their engines. Vader 1-1 cleared Vader 1-2 to fly to Vader 3-2 so we could help guide them back to Al Dhafra. Unfortunately as we approached an F-5 engaged Vader 3-2 with guns and caused Vader 3-2 to eject. The same F-5 attempted to engage Vader 1 but we dropped to about 50 AGL and the F-5 broke off.

    Ironically enough the only enemy F-5 that was successfully engaged and destroyed was by an A-10C, Vader 4-1 (KIMI) was able to visual identify and destroy.

    3. Vader 1 was on station for approximately 40 minutes expended 4xAGM-65D destroying 3 targets.

    4. Success Stories:

    a. Vader 1 had good weapon affects.

    5. Lessons Learned:

    a. 510th aircraft should depart prior to any A-10s to allow time to air refuel and top off prior to getting to the combat area.

    b. Until 510th pilots have more experience they should only be tasked with one mission. Strike and CAP created confusion.

    c. Leads need to make clear their intentions if not proceeding directly to the combat area. Mission Commander stated “air refuel as necessary” but was unaware that 510th was going direct to the tanker from Al Dhafra. This information would have resulted in Vader and Chewie flights holding off their attacks until CAP established.

    d. Take off times and/or time-on-target needs to be better established to or if briefed times met.

    e. When Codewords are briefed ensure they’re used and broadcasted on radio channels that all flights (A-10C & F/A-18C) are monitoring. Codeword use was sporadic and A-10s broadcasted them on a UHF channel that F/A-18C pilots weren’t monitoring causing confusion for the f10th pilots and where they were needed.

    f. For future Large force missions that include both the 76th and 510th whoever is the overall planner needs to get assistance from someone from the other squadron to ensure their needs/requirements are met. (for example where to best establish CAP, air refueling plan, etc.)

    g. Even for beyond visual range make sure who you’re shooting as is red forces to avoid blue on blue incidents.

    h. Lots of radio chatter, on multiple radios, made for a very interesting mission. Although enjoyable from an emersion standpoint it can become overwhelming quickly. The skills needed to “cut through” and get the key information will be an ongoing item to learn.

    i. Just because A-10C pilots expect a CAP to be in place doesn’t mean we can get complacent. Vader and Chewie flights stayed on station to long even as the F-5s approached because of the false sense of security human CAP gave us.

    j. Brief bullseye location.

    K. DCS World AI AWACS is garbage; we need members who want to occasionally act as human controllers (to include ATC).


    *Participants in this mission feel free to add comments (or correct something I said) below.
    **My goal is to try to have a mission like this every other month with the hope that other pilots will develop and plan as well.

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    * My Tacview file show Tordillo as the one that splashed the F-5.

    Chewie 1

    Ingressed with clean picture and called line 130 at IP.

    On second run Magic called with a pop up group at about 040/30. Chose to continue the run, but changed egress to heading 220.
    On egress bandit had closed to 25nm, but we had Venom flight, with "burners plugged" (quote Venom 1-2), coming in from the east, so I felt confident we'd be good.

    To this point Magic's calls were correct compared with Tacview.

    Out of the blue (pun intended) -2 got hit and we reverted to aviate,navigate,communicate. With -2's aft radio gone and a crippled jet we had enough with getting back safe. Good job Emmy.

    Primary and secondary targets destroyed. Even got some BTRs and AAA.
    -1 Code I
    -2 Code II. Need a new jet, clean shorts and therapy (ie beer. Amy is buying)

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