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Thread: GBU-31s Going To "Sleep?"

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    GBU-31s Going To "Sleep?"

    Is it normal for GBU-31s to lose their alignment (DSMS Stations Go White) if you fly straight and level (either by A/P or hand flying) for too long a period of time?

    I've had it happen to me in my own SP missions. It happened to me during ODJ requiring a second pass at my assigned targets* this past Saturday on our server and it happened again to me today while flying ODJ Offline.
    (*Both online and offline, the Bombs "wake up" after about 15 degrees of turn off the initial target run and remain aligned all the way back around until dropped)

    Targets were marked, sensors were slewed and SPI was set.

    Personally, I don't trust them anymore...


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    Yes it is normal and should be expected.

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    So should one "slalom" their way to the target?

    Why does it happen?
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    Da FAC?

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    A few small (no slaom , just tiny) turns will get them aligned again.

    Providing CAS when you're all out of HUA!

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