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Thread: DCS VR Scratchpad

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    DCS VR Scratchpad

    Cross post from Discord. Someone has finally made a DCS scratchpad for VR. Stupid simple to install, and even easier to use in the aircraft.

    I just tested and works with latest OB version of DCS. I don't know why this wasn't shouted from the rooftops, I have long dreamed of something like this.

    Also in the cockpit, the window can be dragged anywhere you want. Just use in game cursor, not the VR cursor to click and drag the window.

    Also works in 2D if you would want to use it.

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    Ohh, i must try this one...thx for sharing panther

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    Going to have to try this one out for sure. Let's see what's faster in CAS, this thing or paper.

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