Hey everyone,

Just checking in to the group here and looking to learn more, meet people and enjoy myself.

I'm currently one of the park photographers here in Yosemite where I teach for The Ansel Adams Gallery. I also volunteer at the Castle Air Museum in central California where I work in restoration, keeping 70+ aircraft looking great and fixing things as needed, and documenting the process for our historical research department.

I built my recent computer to run Photoshop well but I kept seeing videos for DCS and added a few bells and whistles. I've got about 20 modules now but would like to run the A-10 well. I've been working with another member to get started with the basics and hope to learn quickly. With the shutdown really slowing down the park I have a little extra time to keep flying, plus the night life in a national park isn't much to speak of, giving me plenty of time to learn.