Hello fellow Virtual pilots,
Im glad that have I found you, Ive been in another clan since the hornet came out, unfortunately its breaking apart and Ive been in search for a group that takes realism seriously,

I fly the hornet everyday and Im still deeply in love with it, Im hoping to fly with mature and skilled people as I train and participate in Ops and make new friends to dogfight with and perhaps share a few life stories with along the way.
Im humbled to have heard great things about you folks from Roman who I found on discord.

Cant wait to be onboard, feels like Ive found somewhere I might belong to.

I am 26, residing in Toronto and am trying to complete my Pilot training to hopefully become an Airliner pilot one day, well thats the dream anyway, for now I have flown a Cessna thrice, but we all start somewhere I guess.
looking forwards to meet you all !