Hello 476,
Barny here saying hi from Scotland.
I've been on DCS for the last five years having previously flown on IL2 Cliffs of Dover and all the way back to my Dad's F-16 Fighting Falcon 1.0 with about 100 pixels per screen (well, seemed like it).
My passion is the Hornet which I've had since it was released post Beta, and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into some training if you guys will have me. I've been searching around for the right place to start and the 476th seemed to be the ideal place to go and everyone on here looks to have a really good and positive attitude to sim flying. It really sucks flying with guys who get mad and negative all the time.

I have the following mods: FA-18C, A-10C, Flaming Cliffs, Heuy, Persian Gulf, Nevada and Normandy.
If there's any you think I need to add just shout!