Hello 476vFG,

Back in 2012 I already submitted an application and was accepted as a trainee.
Not really sure why, but after a couple of flights I stopped flying and didnt touch DCS for a couple of years.
My focus shifted back toArma 2/3 and flew mainly as a rotary wing pilot in Milsim Units.

Anyway, since now over a year I fly DCS with some friends couple times a month.
While this is mostly fun, its unorganised and chaotic. Thats why I'm looking arround for a group.

Working a full time job and attending additional college in the evening is a bit taxing on my available time, but one session a week shouldnt be a problem.

I know you arent taking new trainees at the moment, but I'm not in a hurry.

I have almost all modules and a computer that is more than sufficient for DCS. HOTAS, pedals, TIR/RIFT CV1 is available.

Would be mostly interested in the F/A-18C, but the A-10c is a nice airframe as well.

Would be cool if I would get another shot in the next recruitment cycle.

Have a great week.

Best regards
Mag / Gruman