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Thread: A-10c ai wingmen and "attack at my spi" and "broadcast spi off".

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    A-10c ai wingmen and "attack at my spi" and "broadcast spi off".

    So i just got into commanding my A-10c ai wingmen a bit more specifically, all based around the idea of giving them the attack order "at my spi". This would be either the spi i just created with the tgp for instance, one of my waypoints or a markpoint which i then send to one of my ai wingman via the message function on the TAD.

    First; i noticed that my ai wingmen would still target and attack my active spi even if i have "broadcast spi" set to off. Is that a bug? With broadcast spi off, the attack order via message should still work since i send him my spi coordinates as a message. But should't broadcast spi set to off block my ai wingmen from even knowing what i am looking at or targeting at all?

    What i am trying to get at: is there a way to make a spi send via message superseed my active spi at the time when actually giving the attack order via the coms menu? Its not really a big issue, but right now i give my ai wingman my active spi via the message function, and then pick my own target via the tgp. But i cannot make this target my active spi before giving my ai wingmen the actual attack order because they would then go on and attack my active spi, not the "spi" coordinates i send them earlier as a message. Again, not a big deal, but it would be really handy if i could set it up all for 3 ai wingmen and get my own spi and lock fixed and ready, so that i only need to give the attack order via radio.

    Secondly; i am curious, are there any other good functions with the ai wingmen for the A-10c to set up coordinated attacks beyond the "attack at my spi" function?
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