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Thread: Quick Newbie Questions

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    Quick Newbie Questions

    Good day to you all. I am a retired AF pilot (RF-4C) and a fan of DCS. I've flown most of the aircraft and some helicopters, but my mainstay are the A-10C and the F-18. I sorely need a group of people to fly with and from what I have read, the 476th seems to fit the bill. Unfortunately, your recruitment is closed for those two aircraft. Can you tell us waiting in line when you expect to open up new training slots? [email protected] is my email address if you happen to be maintaining a waiting list.

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    Not sure when the window will reopen as we just are getting a couple of guys through their MQT training on the tail end of our last recruiting / training cycle.

    In the meantime, avail yourself of our public download section and come join us on Discord if you havenít already.

    Like you, I first approached the group when the door wasnít quite ready to open to new folks, but the wait was worth it.

    Phantoms, eh? Most awesome! Thank You for your Service!


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    Welcome Peewee!

    It is important to select one of the two air frames initially, since once training begins on that air frame, you cannot switch air frames until MQT is successfully completed - which is 6 - 12 months after training begins.

    I'm not sure about the recruiting schedule for the 510th vFG (F/A-18), but we'll probably open U.S. recruiting for the 76th vFG (A-10C) in a few weeks. Like Emmy said, please look over our Recruiting page and the downloads - especially 476TTP3-3.A-10C in the Tactical Flight section of the downloads, if you're interested in the A-10C.

    Please check our site regularly for recruiting to open again, and feel free to ask any questions in the meantime. Also, our Discord channel is pretty active, and you're encouraged to check that out, and participate in the discussions there.
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