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Thread: 20190517 476th US Flight Night

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    20190517 476th US Flight Night

    Dragon1 Single ship FA-18.

    Tasked with SEAD and CAP if feasible.

    HARMs did not seem to hit. First at 40000/40NM out, second at different heading, lower, closer.

    Picture clean after a brief loiter, went for fuel.

    On station, multiple hostile from N, F3 long, wanted to press for F3 close, spiked (MUD SA-10?) out South. Recommit, hostiles low over Beslan threatening the A-10s. Raygun no answer, F3 -? but ACT0 ? - confused, hesitated, new F3 shot would have been good! - F2 (long, 6NM), went low alt, hesitated on the hi aspect merge, turned 180 or more, lost sight, after about 180 degrees contact(tally? - no VID), looking for F2shot. Spiked, coutermeasures, killed (still in burners?)

    Tacview -

    Both HARMs did hit S-75.
    First F3 actually killed a MiG-21.
    Was BOB’d by notso friendly AI CAP.

    Cognitive saturation cost me a F3 shot and following poor judgement put me at low alt and turning instead of blowing through for separation and clear situation re-assessment.
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