Greetings from the Netherlands!

Really attracted to the seriousness of this group. I am currently learning the A10C and maybe in the future deemed proficient enough to join you.

I have played many sims in the past including (combat)Flight Simulator, Falcon 4.0 and F22:ADF. Last year i bought DCS to play in VR (Rift CV1) but my computer was not powerful enough. Since a few months, it is.

Last year i bought the modules: Huey and KA50. In the last sale i bought all the maps, the spitfire and my first DCS Jet: the A10C with a few campaigns. I currently fly only single player to train and prepare myself for a multiplayer future.

Browsing through the member list it seems as though you are very US oriented. Are the times you fly on "friendly" enough for EU based members?

Also, any idea what the waiting time for me would be approximately to be considered for the training group? I ask because then i can estimate when to sign up considering the offline practice i still need.