Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Matt McGill - Callsign Rocket until reassigned...

I am a former real world pilot flying Hawker 800's for a small private charter company in upstate NY until running as fast as I could from that life style for something with a little more work-life balance. I now have a much more sane life working in the IT department for one of the Ivy League colleges, and still scratch that aviation itch through a mixture of DCS and X-Plane.

I was referred to the 476th by ExNusquam (he and I grew up in the same area), and really looks forward to meeting everyone! I've heard a lot about the fighter group from him, and I'm really looking forward to recruitment being open again so I can experience first hand the effort that goes in to the realistic operations that make the 476th so special. Hope everyone is having a great day, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you!