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Thread: Setting up buttkicker, simshaker module and voicemeeter banana

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    Setting up buttkicker, simshaker module and voicemeeter banana

    Setting up buttkicker, simshaker module and voicemeeter banana
    1. Want to set up Buttckicker Gamer (old one not II)
    2.Simshaker for aviators and add on module version 2.12
    3.with Voice Attack,
    4. Voicdmeeter banana, all for especially DCS World
    Sound hardware: a) Realtek high definition from motherboard b) usb headset and micr. -c) Oculus Rift S VR, d) other usb mini for buttkicker only as Dojo described onJan 31 2018.
    As I am new to all this technical stuff and reading Voicemeeter manual is for me "chinese" Would like someone explain exactly the best and simpliest way for setup possibly with images. Have put the Realtek speakers (2 + woofer) as primary and all others mentioned on output. How can I configure that buttkicker reacts only with the bass of thr mini usb sound card (Dojo's setup). If I put Voicemeeter as default the Sound given is very distorted. If I have the primary selected (a) then it works but I know it is not the right setup. Furthermore simshaker module newest version seems not so customizable as the one Dojo mentioned (the blue one) no F5 no F18 and if I change in settings from the standard 50% to 70- all other settings change to 70....
    Please help, and thanks in advance

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    It's been more than a year since I set up mine so I'm unable to provide you with a step by step. Have you been tried following Dojo's instructions in the other thread?

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