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Thread: How to apply a push time to relative DTOTs

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    How to apply a push time to relative DTOTs

    It appears that the CDU has a nifty little feature buried in its GPS time settings. If you have a set of waypoints you need to hit at a certain time, DTOT is an excellent feauture that gives you desired airspeed and early/late time of arrival on the HUD.

    Normally you'd need to know the push time to set the WP's DTOT, and do the math adding the push to the relative time.

    You can actually punch in all the relative times in the WPs on the ground. Once the push time is known, go to SYS > GPS > TIME, type the time in HHMMSS format in the scratchpad, and hit LSK1 (DTOT OFFSET). All the WPs in the DB with a DTOT set will be updated with the inserted time added.

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    We discovered during last week’s FN that you can do a UTC offset in the CDU and it does change the clock in the cockpit but this takes things to a whole different level!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmy View Post
    We discovered during last week’s FN that you can do a UTC offset in the CDU and it does change the clock in the cockpit but this takes things to a whole different level!
    Looked a but further into this: we can use the trick as we did last week/yesterday to have ZULU time displayed in the aircraft, but the implementation is actually not correct.
    The main bug is that the A-10C takes the time as set in the editor as ZULU, and shifts that timezone to your location.

    Test on Tbilisi (GMT+4)
    Editor set to 08:00.

    The A-10C shows on the time page that GMT time is 08:00:00. That's where it goes wrong, it should show 04:00:00.

    Also, the time page is showing a wrong local time after adjusting the time. If I say that the local time is 4 hours ahead of GMT, I need to set +400. When doing that, the local time jumps to 16:00:00, making no sense at all (one would expect 12:00:00).

    It looks like he does GTM+(2xLCL ADJUST). When telling the we are in GMT+5, he indeed jumps to 18:00:00, confirming this.

    Ofcourse, while manipulation the ADJUST setting, we can match the time being shown on the clock, CDU, HUD,... with the correct ZULU time, but it remains wrong.
    In this case, I can set -200, and my displayed times in the systems will start matching the ZULU time in the Hornet.

    The Hornet however, shows the LOCAL time being 08:00:00, and when switching to ZULU time, it shows correctly 04:00:00

    Interested to see on how other aircraft show time.

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    The first post from Gliptal was a little bit confusing during our brief yesterday, i'll try to explain how we used DTOT adjust in a simpler (cause i'm simple minded) step by step way. Don't know if this is the intended way of using this funcion in the real jet, it's just how we used it.

    Our MDCs were set up with 5 waypoints that needed to be hit at a specific time. The format was something like P+02:30 were P is Push time and 02:30 are MMSS.

    - Coordinate with the package, on the ground, an hypothetical push time that makes sense with the local time of the mission. We chose 10:00 local.
    - Once the flightplan is programmed enter all the desired DTOT times for the appropriate waypoints using the hypothetical push time as your starting time.

    So, using the numbers in this example, first waypoint DTOT is 10:02:30. This is done on the ground as well.

    - Let's assume for whatever reason we want to push 30 minutes after 10 so at 10:30.
    - Navigate to the SYS - GPS - TIME and add 30 minutes to the DTOT ADJUST field, so enter 003000.
    - If we check our first waypoint DTOT it will now show 10:32:30 instead of 10:02:30. The time adjust function will automatically apply a time offset to all the other DTOT times you have programmed in your flightplan.

    It is also possible to add a negative time to the DTOT ADJUST field by pressing LSK1 (or OSB if using repeater) a second time after the desired time is entered.

    This is extremely useful to minimize heads down time and workload during the marshal.

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    IIRC DTOT OFFSET and DTOT ADJUST are different functions.

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