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Thread: 3rd Party Releases for DCS World

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    3rd Party Releases for DCS World

    To the Members of the 476th vFG and those interested in applying,

    Although the 476th is very excited about the 3rd party development in DCS: World and the potential it may bring we will not incorporate or support every aircraft developed.

    When a 3rd party add on (or Eagle Dynamics product for that matter) is released and the Command Staff of the 476th vFG feels it could potentially be of added benefit to incorporate into the Group we will discuss and then do extensive testing. If we feel that the aircraft performs as we feel it should, that the systems are modeled as realistically as possible, and the potential for members to join and fly the aircraft actively exists we will incorporate it.

    Any airframe that is added will have Operating Instructions, IQT, MQT, etc.

    Although we wish all 3rd party developers luck we will not let the 476th lose focus from what we strive to achieve, to continuously learn and refine our skills while enjoying these simulators in a multiplayer environment incorporating realistic tactics and procedures.

    Commander, 476th vFG
    For 476th vFG Command Staff

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