Hello, my name is Scott and I live in Auburn, Northern California. I have been dabbling in Sims for more then 25 years going back to 486dx processors flying very basic simulators. I remember how exciting the Janes F-18 was when it came out. But DCS is a whole different animal and for myself it lets me fly a very realistic mission. When I go on the open multiplayer games it is hard to be serious and train with such a wide array of players at all levels. Finding the 476 is very appealing to what I want out of the DCS experience and that is to keep developing my skills and knowledge in a accurate and serious manner. Most of all I'm willing to learn and take instruction and know that being part of a team means that you do provide support by doing your part.

In real life I work for a defense company where we manufacture and sale high end optics for US and foreign military, my division specializes in thermal weapon sights for the dismounted soldier (to go on small arms). I have been working in the night vision industry for 27 years and have been involved in the development of many systems even targeting pods for aircraft. I have trained and consulted LE and Militarizes around the world in Night Vision systems and during a program in Britian working with the MOD I was called thermalguy and it sort of stuck.

I have been flying civilian aircraft for over 30 years where I have accumulated thousands of hours and currently own a Maule M-7-235 Bush plane. My wife and I have a daughter that is in college so we are starting to travel more. We went to Colombia and Turkey last year and next month we are going to Chile. In our travels we like to get off the tourist grid and really experience the local life and scenes.

I would like to chat and see if this could be a good fit.

Thank you,

Scott "Thermalguy"