Hello everyone my name is Cemre and I live in Turkey.

I'm conducting my fellowship as a cardiovascular surgeon(my last 1.5 years) and I fond of aviation since my childhood. I've started with microsoft flightsims and started flying dcs in 2013 with A-10. But to be fair I don't have thousands of flight time in dcs since I was more in to civil aviation. I then started to fly on vatsim (an online platform for civil aviation for those who may not know) and also controlling air space on vatsim as an ATC with a C1 ranking at TRvACC. And for last couple of months I started to fly in dcs again and started to learn F/A 18 this time. I'm kinda new with jetfighters and A-A combat so there is a huge room for improvement. I love learning new stuff and I take my hobbies serious (but just my hobbies ) that's just who I am . I hope I can be a member of your team and start flying with you guys.

Thanks in advance
Cemre ArborVitae