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    Fields - Introduction

    G'day y'all!

    Since I applied to the unit last week and probably have to fly my check ride next weekend, I thought I'd wright up a short introduction
    (or at least I'll try to keep it short...)

    My gamertag is TTocsic,
    but with many communities I'm also known under my alias Fields (derived from my real name).
    I'm 26 (goddamn...) and Dutch - which means I'm from The Netherlands

    I've been a gamer ever since the late nineties, got into serious gaming around the time I started studying at the Technical University in Delft - where I studied Aerospace Engineering and graduated as MSc in 2017.
    A very international orientated study indeed because of the nature of the industry - and since it's one of 3 university faculties in all of Europe where Aerospace is a course. It's really where my English skyrocketed (pun intended) since my fellow students came from all across Europe, Asia, the British Isles and the States.

    My first wingbox.. SO PROUD

    After graduating at Airbus, I figured I wanted to do something more practical then being an engineer - though still challenging - for the first years of my working life; so I tried the selection for ATC. Somehow... after a long selection process... I got through
    I had the luxury of choice to do the civilian or military version - I chose the latter
    Now I'm in the last class of Officer ATC's with the Royal NL Air Force in my country, before we get merged with the Civil variant in 2022.

    As for gaming: ever since I started to play more serious, I've been with various ArmA communities where I enjoyed MilSimming to bits. The height of this experience was with my last two units; the 15th MEU, based in the States, and later the 11th AMB, which is a Dutch based professional unit (since I couldn't afford the midnight gaming sessions in combination with graduating)
    With the first of those two, I played an aviator with the Air Combat Element as a WSO in the - you guessed it - F/A 18F Super Hornet

    Not very realistic... But we had to make due with what we had, since DCS was still in its infancy back then.

    I started playing DCS on a regular basis ever since the holidays of 2018 - I went full-on DCS nerd instantly though, buying a Thrustmaster HOTAS, VR goggles and upgrading my PC at the same time.

    Talking about my PC; I love building and moderating my own stuff
    This was my PC as off 2014

    In whatever spare time I have left, I like to row (or rather used to), skydive, fly with my colleague pilots and make music and sing on stage with my bands.

    I hope to bring some knowledge to the unit from real-life, in exchange for all the awesome stuff you can teach me!
    Eager to meet all of you

    PS: let me know how you like my professional way of censoring photos
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