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Thread: NTTR Performance and TacView - My findings

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    NTTR Performance and TacView - My findings

    In one of the hundreds of things I read while getting ready for IQT, I read a comment that local tacview export should be disabled to improve performance.

    I am running a decent system (i7-8700K, GTX-2080ti) and I had JUST run a test using a local only single player mission where disabling all 7 of my export items and saw a 0.00 FPS improvement. Thus I wasn't sure how important that comment would be, but I did it anyway because I'm a good rule-follower

    Now, during my NTTR fam flight, we all reported poor FPS while in the revetments and a few stutters on approach.

    So I repeated my tests of the costs of certain exports, on DS1 in a controlled environment and was shocked to find the following:

    No export.lua entries, Golf-17 revetment, A-10C, after looking around then snapping view 5. Stable FPS: 48. Lower than typical on my system but very usable.

    SRS, DCS-BIOS and Helios exports enabled, same conditions: Stable FPS: 41 (-7). A fair price to pay for all the simpit exports.

    Added tacview to above, Stable FPS: 18 fps (-30) !!

    So, on my system disabling local tacview recording is more than just a minor suggestion! Download the files after your flights as suggested.

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    I think you'll find that suggestions that come from the membership all carry the "Been There .. Done That" tag...

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    Also after a few patches here or there, that TACView option sometimes will turn itself back on. If you suddenly get a drop in FPS, check that Special page in DCS options. Now if only that was my issue.

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